He’s real happy to be here #pekingese (at Herbert Von King Park)

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Last night w/ @insta_my_dog_and_other_ @airisia

Lady Bird and LBJ receive a warm welcome upon landing at Honolulu.

8/21/1959 - Hawaii becomes the 50th state in the Union.

(from the LBJ Library).

another reason to love this girl —

demi lovato, the mental health listening & engagement tour debut.

classic uncle. (at Jack the Horse Tavern)

#modestmouse #issacbrock (at Forest Hills Stadium)

Gonna stay 18 forever~~ #brandnew #socoamarettolime

the last time i tried to see them i drank too much soco and didn’t make it. that’s my baseline for tomorrow. 

brand new - “soco amaretto lime,” live @ the observatory. 

mariah carey - “fantasy,” 1995.

Katy Perry for Rolling Stone Magazine, 2014

Bye ~